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Travel Mobile

Travel Mobile


It is no secret that I have been dreaming of owning an adventure vehicle for quite some time. My first obsession was VW Westfalias, but then I realized that I have NO mechanic skills (nor do I really want to have any) so I started stalking camper vans I could re-finish. Finding a van that has good bones, an engine that runs well and something within my previous 5K price range is a bit of a stretch, but I ventured out and looked anyways. duh. 


Last year I went so far as to test drive several vans (all under 1,000$) with an intention to call it home for the following year after I left my marriage. It would seem that someone would give up on a dream when their Kickstarter campaign didn't work out, or when all of their attempts to live and work in a van didn't pan out, or years of fighting to save for a van would leave me defeated... but nope. DREAMS WILL COME TRUE. 

who isn't in love with The Nugget from  Vinstage Rivivals?!

who isn't in love with The Nugget from Vinstage Rivivals?!

So I dream about my little van. I dream of one day being able to hit the road and pull over wherever I want and sleep..with my dogs..in my bed. I dream of waking up on the beach (it doesn't matter which one, because I have a VAN!), crawling out of bed and diving in the ocean with my dogs and my surf board. I dream of waking up on uncharted roads in California and watching the vast landscape of our country from my BED in my VAN (so cool, right?).

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My heart aches for adventure, but my body slows me down. A van allows me to take in the beauty and the vastness and the magic of nature without having to hike to get there. Because lets be honest, I can't really hike anymore. I love tiny spaces, I love cozy nooks, I love being able to be in my own space while visiting with friends and family across the country. Can you imagine? being able to travel without flying (the barometric pressure really messes with POTS), being able to take photos of my friend's children all over the states, and being able to do it at my own pace. 


Now, with my dream of the in-visible project, I hope to merge my love for adventure/travel/friends/photography and capture these stories in different areas of the United States. My goal will be to target different support groups and book elopements/sessions while I am on the road.. being able to ultimately serve different parts of the US while still calling Savannah my home base. Traveling will take a bit longer, but I will have all of my medicine, comforts, animals, gear.. right at my finger tips. 


I am not really sure how, of if this dream will play out the way i invision it... but I can trust that whatever comes will be just what I need right when I need it. I can trust the dream inside my spirit and know it's intentions are pure and beautiful and that if I am open, the adventure will come. The unknown is very exciting, isn't it? 

If your curious about the research I've done, I have a few pinterest boards that I've been pinning different things to as I am curious. Here's all of the pins I've got on van interiors , here's what I've got on different space-saving living solutions for interiors (I LOVE TINY) , and here's my pinterest boards if your bored :).

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