A Letter of Gratitude

Over the years you guys have liked and commented and messaged here on Instagram as I have shifted this account from my blog eat.live.make ( remember those gluten-free recipes, Lacy and Meg GF, and all those DIY’s?!) to my photography business, m.newsom photography. Last year you were kind and gentle as i changed the name of my business to meg hill photo. .
Most of you have been there for me as i have navigated life with undiagnosed illnesses, job changes, some pretty awful photos as i was learning how to shoot, a diagnosis of ehlers-danlos syndrome, heartbreaks and moves and divorces and puppies and kids and friends and trips and tears and laughs.

Upwards and Onward to New York City

It has been a full year since i first visited New York City. Growth and change, beauty and grace along with  heartache and pain have painted the landscape of the past 365 days of my life. I was agreeing with my whole heart to venture back into the city that so rocked me merely a year ago, and felt a strange kind of peace as I packed my bag. I was asked to use my camera to capture my little cousin’s proposal to his boyfriend on stage after The Lion King. Memories of our childhood games of Nala, Simba, timone and pumba flooded my consciousness as I soared over the low country into the city that keeps launching me into the future.