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Meet #thejadesquad

Meet #thejadesquad

meet dakota

Dakota: an abandoned pup who found a home in the lap of a lonely girl six years ago in Franklin, Tn. Since then, Dakota has traveled the US making friends and exploring trails. She is particularly fond of hiking, swimming, running, SUP, riding with the windows down, playing with tiny bugs, her new kitten, her playmate Waverly, and climbing on tables. She has almost mastered running with the segway, and she says she can’t wait to show you her tricks .

I have been told by some very wise Australians that Dakota girl is an Australia Kelpie. I have always wanted to be from australia, so i took the opportunity and ran with it. I have since learned that she is bread to heard sheep by jumping on their backs and guiding them back to the flock. This immediately explained her need to jump and balance on everything i own. ( perhaps this is why i also like goats? ) and her extreme capacity to sense my emotional state. She is my constant companion and is my shepherd, anchor and friend during the dark hours.

When I finally fall asleep and let the pain roll through me, she leaves the room and positions herself on the couch while she watches the front door. That’s when Waverly takes over.

meet waverly 

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Meet Waverly: a full-bred blue heeler whose mom cross mingled with the mini heeler down the street, creating a crazy but
tiny spirit of energy. named after her name sake Waverly, Tennessee, she has grown up around the water and is the
first to jump in the ocean to catch that dolphin. 
remember when i adopted her? a month out of my hysterectomy, I yearned for some fresh life inside the walls of my
home. knowing dakota was an “aussie cattle dog” i wanted a dog with matched energy, heart, spirit and personality.
heelers heel. they imprint on someone by the time they are 3 moths old. i have been lucky enough to have her as my
constant companion for the past 3 years. she lays by me when i am stuck in bed, jumps in the shower with me when
i cry, gets me out of bed when i feel like shit, and can run beside the segway like a BOSS.
i also think she is capable of jumping across a 17 ft chasm in the middle of a fire while she is underwater without
legs and eyeballs if she knew i was on the other side. she’s that bad-ass.
she is quite literally my blue healer.

meet nova-luna

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Nova-luna : noun. Could also be used as a verb.
“ small feline with kitten-like characteristics. Raised by a blue healer, “nova-luna” is half dog rolled into the spryness of a squirrel, as evidenced by her maroon-black squirrel-cat tail. The noun is both descriptive and implies movement, “ when the night falls and the stars shine, the feline transforms into a nova-luna like creature who lights up with intensity in light and speed only witnessed in that of a nova cascading to earth.

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